2016 Fall/Winter Recreational Cheer Registration

It is now time to register for the Fall/Winter Recreational Cheerleading Program in All Areas! As school has gotten under way, now is the time to break out the pom poms, jumps, dances, cheers and cartwheels during this year's Recreational Cheerleading Progam. Central Mississippi Cheerleading, the area's most successful and longest running professional training program will be hosting this year's Recreational Cheerleading Program. Below you will find out all of the information about this highly successful program! Those that register by the end of September will have a guaranteed spot in the program.

Why Enroll My Child in Rec Cheer?

Cheerleading is one of the most popular sports in our country! Your kids will love the opportunity to show out new skills and fun routines, and they will not even realize that they are exercising, increasing body control, learning to work with a group, and boosting their confidence! This is an activity that children of any age, experience, or skill level can enjoy. The groups will work on cheers, chants, dances, jumps, motions, tumbling, and building with professional and highly credentialed coaches in a positive and safe learning environment. If your child is interested in cheering in junior high, high school, or even college, there is no better time or way to start that training. Your kids will be begging to get to practice and will never want to leave!

We are a Busy Family! What is the Time Commitment?

If you are a family like most of us that spends more time driving from one activity to another, this Recreational Cheerleading Program is just for you! Our teams meet at one of the CMC Locations and only have practice once a week for one hour. If you miss a practice? No problem! Just make it up anytime that week at any of our facilities if you wish. The kids in the Fall/winter Recreational Cheer Program will have the opportunity to attend up to three local and fun events where they can show off their new skills and will be awarded ribbons and trophies! The program will start in October and run through Christmas Break. There is no easier way to get involved in the great sport of cheerleading!

What all do we Need to Get and What is the Cost?

The program managers and professional coaches do all the work for you! Included in your registration will be three months of training, 3 - 4 optional performances where kids can receive medals and awards, practice and performance outfit including a custom bow, custom tank, competition shorts, and pom poms. Registration is today through the end of September. Registration cost is $77 plus $25 registration and equipment fee.  Registration ($25) is due October 1st. There will be three payments of $77 due on October 15th, November 1st, and December 1st. This is the least expensive and easiest way get involved in one of the best activities in the world!

We are in! How do we Get Started?

Getting started is super simple! Just fill out the form below and you will be added to a team! One of our professional coaches will contact you to let you know when your team will practice. Central Mississippi Cheerleading will also be giving you tons of fun information that you can take home and share with your child. You will not want to miss out on this great opportunity! Because all of the coaches this year will be highly trained professional coaches instead of volunteer coaches, spaces will be limited and the cut off date to register will be October 15th.

How can You Help?

This year all of the coaches will be professional coaches, but we will be looking for a few assistants to help out! Just check the box below if you would like to be considered as an assistant. The other way you can help this program to be successful is to help us share the word! Please help us get the word out in all of the Metro Area communities about this great opportunity for young people. You can help us by sharing on Social Media, through email, or just by word of mouth.

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