How to Get Started in Cheerleading

CMC coaches get great emails each week from kids wanting to get involved in the great sport of cheerleading, but these kids or their parents just do not know where to start. Often these kids would like to cheer in school or try all stars, but they feel like they are a little behind their peers who have been tumbling or training for a while. Because of the overwhelming amount of these emails, the CMC coaches felt like it would be a good idea to address these questions on our Training Tips site!

So what should you do to get involved in the great sport of cheerleading? First, you must realize that there are all kinds of opportunities for you and everyone in the sport! You have school cheer, All Star cheer, tumbling classes, other classes and clinics, and finally you have the new Recreational Cheerleading teams that anyone can enjoy while working on their skills. Next, you must realize that cheerleading is NOT all about that Back Flip! 

Yes, tumbling has become a very important part of cheerleading, but it is only a small part of any tryout or even a team's competition score. Most schools do not even require much tumbling! In these emails that our CMC coaches get weekly, we explain that you should train to tumble, but you must also spend time on improving your jumps, motions, cheers, and dance! These are all very important skills that will determine your future in the sport.

One of the questions we get is, "All my friends are really good and already have tumbling, so is it too late for me to start?" Our answer is always a definite "NO!" Anyone of any age can enjoy the positive benefits of cheerleading, and they can all progress extremely fast if the conditions are right. Athletes and quick learners that can follow instructions not only improve rapidly, but they often catch and sometimes surpass their more experienced peers! Were you an athlete? A Dancer? Did you play soccer, softball, volleyball, or run track? If you answered yes to any of these, you are already two steps ahead! Your transition into cheerleading will be fun and easy! If you answered no, that is ok too! CMC has programs for all ages, experience, and ability levels.

If you want to know how to get yourself, your friend, or your child started in cheerleading, the CMC coaches can help! First, please do not hesitate to contact us! We will help you through the process in a fun and exciting way. Next, try to follow some of these tips to help you get the most out of this rewarding decision:

1. Set up a meeting with a coach. You might be surprised to learn that you are already many steps ahead of a beginner!

2. Start with a program that is fun, low commitment, and rewarding with very little intimidation. At CMC we have developed our Recreational Cheerleading Program to fit these guidelines perfectly! If you would like more information on this program click here.

3. Do not get discouraged! Anyone and everyone will improve as they train. Work with your coach to set short term goals and celebrate when you achieve them! You will improve faster than you think.

4. Do not forget to train at home. Strength and flexibility are the two largest factors in determining how great you can become in the sport of cheerleading. Your coach can give you a short daily routine that when combined with the coach's instruction will guarantee rapid and safe progression.

5. Focus on the positive benefits of our sport. Yes, cheering can become very competitive, but competition does not have to and should not be the focus. A cheerleader on any level and of any age is a healthier, stronger, and more confident person. This is why you should enjoy the sport and realize that these positive things are the most important returns on your time and money investments. 

6. Grab some friends and start as a group! It is always easier to train with a group and cheerleading is an ultimate team sport, so build up your team! CMC is starting our Recreational Cheer Program right now, and you could fill up a team with your friends! Have fun and learn together. Of course you can always and will always make lifelong friends at CMC, but some people find that it is more comfortable to start with a few friends.

The CMC coaches love to get people started in the sport that we love, and we have made a commitment to show anyone that wants to experience the positive benefits of cheerleading on any level the right path to success. Please keep those emails coming and contact us with any questions or comments, and we hope to see you at CMC!