Perfect Your Child's Tumbling at Home!

Any parent of a cheerleader knows that it is impossible if not too expensive to spend every waking hour in the gym working on that tumbling, but what can you do if your child has goals they want to pursue? Well there is some great news. There are ways that you can help perfect any level of tumbling at home without being a professional coach! First, realize that the basics of tumbling are all the same. It is merely a new way to move your body. Even Olympic gymnasts work on the basics of this new movement everyday! The more they do it, the more natural and easier it becomes.

Handstands, backbends, roundoffs, and cartwheels are all part of these basics that each athlete must master and keep perfected everyday in order to see their true potential. All of these can be worked on at home. In this article we are going to provide you with the 10 Steps to a Perfect Backwalkover! The backwalkover does many things for a tumbling athlete. It helps strengthen the body while working on flexibility and control. These are they key ingredients to mastering any level of tumbling! Backwalkovers also get our athletes used to going backwards which is the most difficult and scary thing about tumbling to most beginners.

The best news is that this is a great and easy skill to get at your house! First, your young athletes needs to have a handstand and a backbend, so make sure that these things are worked on and developed each day. When these skills are mastered in a clear and safe place in your home or yard, you are ready to move on to the backbend kickover. Once you athlete has kickover easily, a backwalkover should be a simple and easy combination of the skills. 

Below is a checklist for the perfect backwalkover. Please use it, print it, check it off and bring it to the gym! If your child completes all 10 steps perfectly two things are going to happen. First, the coaches are going to award that child with a great CMC Prize! Second, your child's tumbling will improve no matter what level they are, and their confidence will go through the roof!

Keep in mind that your child only needs to begin on this task when they have mastered a backbend and kickover, and that completing all 10 steps is very challenging for even the most elite tumblers! This is a great way for parents and kids to work on tumbling at home. Use your phones and cameras to video and photograph the steps and compare them to the pictures. You will be shocked and surprised by the great results when this at home checklist is mastered! 

"Hard Work comes Before Success"