How to Choose the Right Gym For Your Child

One of the first questions we get when speaking to new interested parents is, “How do we choose a gym with so many choices in our area?” CMC’s founders are responsible for bringing competitive cheerleading to the forefront in the Jackson area and the entire state of Mississippi. Over the years, they have learned that in order to be successful in training, a student needs to be in a program that suits their needs. Much like a church or a club, there are many different options, and it is most important to find the one that is right for your child. Below we will outline what we would seek in a program if we were placing our own children.

First, research your coaches and managers. Coaches should have extensive experience, a successful track record, safety and training certifications, a history of success in all avenues of the sport, and lots of positive references. Managers should have the same and should also have consistency in managing successful facilities. Warning signs should be coaches that change locations year after year or programs that often change managers or locations. These are signs of instability. If the management and organizational structure is not consistent, neither will be the training.

Second, your focus should be on the personal education and success of your child. How has the program developed athletes in the past? How many have achieved college scholarships? How many have gone on to greater successes? These may not be the goals for your child as a young beginner, but you want to train with the most experienced coaches and managers at any level.

Third, location is very important. What does the training facility look like? Is it heated and cooled? Is it clean and safe? Is it within an acceptable driving distance to your house? These are things that will be more and more important as your child’s training continues. You want a safe and accessible environment, and you may want certain amenities only a very few gyms offer.

Fourth, you will want to consider all the programs that are offered at the gym. Many gyms focus on training beginners or young athletes, while others focus on older competitive athletes. Some programs offer and mixture or even all these things. Some programs focus on All Star Cheer while others focus on individual achievement for school tryouts. Some programs specialize in both. Some gyms have programs for all ages and levels. Choosing a gym that can offer you multiple choices and levels can provide you with stability and consistency in training.

Fifth, as we are all on a budget, you want to consider pricing now and in the future. Prices fluctuate in gyms greatly. You would think that gyms with the best coaches and best facilities may charge more, but that is not always the case. Make sure to ask many questions and make sure you get any hidden fees and copies of agreements and contracts before you make a choice. Make a logical decision based on your child’s goals and your budget. Very often, the historical successful programs in the best locations charge much less than some of the newer or chain programs. That is why they are still around!

At CMC we have been successful in the same location for many years. We have a very decorated, highly trained, and experienced staff. While we pride ourselves on a proven and developed track record of educating athletes safely to the highest potential possible, we also know that making a decision for your child is a very important one. We would love to speak with you at any time and give an honest and accurate comparison of what we can offer your family.